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Below you will find the latest version of various comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) postings.

If you know of authority locations for other Tcl/Tk-related FAQs on the WWW, or if you know of other WWW sites or documents which would be useful to add to this page, please send me email and I will add them appropriately to either this document or one of the others I own.

Highlights, 2010

Tcl/Tk 8.5.8 is the current release of Tcl/Tk. Refer to the Tcl home page for release announcements and other news.

If you ever had the urge to wear clothing with a Tcl/Tk logo, or to drink your morning tea in a Tcl/Tk mug, or to surf to your favorite web sites with your mouse moving around on a Tcl/Tk logo'd mouse pad, then Cafe Press is one place to check.

Also, the community continues work on Tcl/Tk 8.6, with beta releases occurring last year. Often issues are discussed on comp.lang.tcl ( aka Google's USENET newsgroup interface). Also discussions occur on the mailing list for the Tcl Core Team.

If you are seeking a binary distribution of Tcl, Tk, and many other useful extensions, you might consider checking out ActiveTcl. ActiveState even has an annual subscription offering, with additional development tools, etc., available as ASPN Tcl. While you are there, also check out the Tcl Developer's Kit, an enhanced, commercial version of the old standard TclPro. There are other binary distribution options as well - TclKit is one quite popular alternative.
Otherwise, see the appropriate SourceForge projects for the source code of Tcl and Tk.

See the TIP archives for a list of the various Tcl improvement proposals submitted and accepted to date.

If you want to get a peek at what is coming in the next release of Tcl, Tk, or several other extensions, you can access the very latest versions of Tcl and Tk from the SourceForge CVS Tcl repository as well as SourceForge CVS Tk repository.
Note the TCT's description of various ways you, as Tcl users, can contribute to the core. I certainly hope everyone makes a contribution.

See Don Porter's excellent release summaries for an overview of what is in each Tcl and Tk release.

Another way to find the Tcl/Tk source code is to visit the Tcl Developer's Xchange. Visit this page to find online versions of the Tcl/Tk documentation. A number of guides for making use of Tcl 8.x features are available. For example, see the details relating to the Tcl 8.x Regular Expression syntax. A guide to making use of the internationalization features in Tcl 8.x is available. A page covering the new Stubs interface is ready for reference. A brief description of Tcl and threads is available now. More information about the Tcl Extension Architecture is also now available.

Please send me URLs pointing to any materials or summaries as they would relate to Tcl or Tk. I will add them to this page.

See the Tcl'ers Wiki for an interactive Tcl community interaction/group collaboration, building a Tcl resource center on the WWW.

List of Authority FAQ Locations

Software specific FAQs

General Resource sites

General Resource sites


Non-English Tcl related tutorials and resources

Tcl/Tk Workshop/Conference Pointers

Cameron Laird's pointers to notes on the 1998 Tcl Conference
1997 Tcl/Tk Workshop Pointers

Miscellaneous other resources

The NICS Identifier Management Service provides a database of names being used in a variety of domains. For the Tcl community, the core Tcl, Tk, and Expect commands, program names, etc. have been entered. Others should work with this service to register their extensions, commands, programs, etc. so that conflicts can be avoided, or at least detected.

A cataloging of some of the Tcl related merchandise or advertising items that have appeared can be seen at Tcl-Wear

If you know of authority locations for other Tcl/Tk-related FAQs on the WWW, please send email to me and I will add them to this page.

I am experimenting with a variety of WWW related technologies to provide users with additional avenues of support. For instance, see the picosearch web page below. Also, see the web forums I have been trying out at PlanetAll, Yahoo Clubs, and LUSENET.

I have started a projects page. If you wish to have a special interested added, drop me an email and let me know.

An excellent article on reporting bugs was published early in 2000.

I have been experimenting with various search engine technologies. So far, I never got Excite to work and a Java based search engine never worked right. My latest attempt to provide a search is via PicoSearch Lite.

Palm Pilot users, following this link converts this page to a downloadable DOC Format file.
If you have updates or questions about the specific documents above, be sure to contact the appropriate author of document.

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In the above FAQs, note that "part1.html" is the Tcl introductory FAQ, "part2.html" is the Tcl Internet Resource Catalog, "part3.html" lists various miscellaneous resources, "part4.html" lists the Tcl Software Catalog of Programs and "part5.html" lists the Tcl Software Catalog of Extensions and Modifications. "part6.html" lists software for other languages which make some use of Tcl or Tk. "part1-6.txt.gz" is the plain text version of all 6 parts, concatenated together and then GZIP'd into a small downloadable package, for those who prefer to use their own search tools.

The links above were created using the latest text FAQs and

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